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Going shopping has several problems. You may not have the time to browse different shops. Or you may not know the best options and discounts available in your city's markets. Online shopping has its limitations and risks as well. Parpal Shopping is built to combine the ease of online shopping with the variety of your city's markets. It is a common platform for your reliable local shopkeepers and service providers, to serve you their products with pictures and details. Now, you can see and choose from those products while sitting at home, and visit their shop for the final purchase.

To compete with the online market, local vendors can use Parpal Shopping as their website, advertisement and online shopping site. It is very simple to get started with Parpal Shopping, you just need to select if you are a vendor or a service provider. Then start uploading your products.

Parpal Shopping's main goal is to connect the ease and robustness of online shopping with the vast offline markets of India. You will now know the best options available in your city without the trouble of travel. You can now know where the best discounts are, what new is available in your city and the contacts for service providers. All of this is combined with the benefit of user reviews, an easy search interface.

We are a team of highly motivated individuals who are dedicated to making Parpal Shopping the best place for you to fulfill your shopping needs. Now enjoy the best of shopping offline while knowing the you've got the best options that your city can offer.